Event Results

2020 Bad Plaid – Friday results

1st place Cleat Young, Nate Corchado, Gene Wherer, Brandon Schiel

2nd place Carlos Koons, Bill Mundt, Austin Taggart, Dave Sewell

WildCard – James McFarling, Joe Sanders, Randy Farmer, Justin McAtee

WildCard – Justin Rapp, Tim Williams, Chris Madden, Sean Lydon

WildCard – Tanner Purcell, Bill Davidovich, Wayne Henson, Brian Zuvlis

WildCard – Adrienne Barclay, Jake Schneider, Marty Krautschun, Nate Aue

2020 Bad Plaid – Saturday results

1st place – Dwayne O’Dell, Nikki Robben, Ryan Foos, Eric Phillips

WildCard – Justin Rumsey, Matt Clemons, Trey Christensen, Joe Yuhas

All of the above have electronic gift certificates at the Pro Shop at Highland Hills Golf Course.

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