Event Results

Here are the winners from the 2018 Bad Plaid Golf Tournament:

Friday Morning

1st place – Devon Beitzel, Aaron Eide, Andy Slaughter, Jeremy Ehardt

2nd place – Randy Farmer, Cory Altenburg, Jack Russel, Steve Vigil

Pin Prizes – Brian Eikenberg, Chris Pulley, Rindee MacDonald, Jeremy Ehardt

Friday Afternoon

1st place – Matt Chalfant, Rick Peak, Shane Hall, Mike Young

2nd place – Matt Gonzales, Jeff Reck, Kin Simpson, Tim Read

Pin Prizes – Mike Moberg, Hilary Moore, Roman Davis, Nick Newsom

Saturday Morning

1st place – Rich Lietz, Jake Olivas, Shad Martin, Brian Elsie

2nd place – Ryan Lampe, Ben Conchman, Lee Martinez, JB Russel

Pin Prizes – Damon Getch, Naomi Tooley, Josh Lietz, Todd Andre

Saturday Afternoon

1st place – Seth Miller, Nick Newsom, Rodney Long, Jeremy

2nd place – Mario Torres, Bob Pitts, Justin Meinke, Kim Purdy

Pin Prizes – Ronnie Dearman, Steve Greene, Clint Lippoldt, Bobby Crhistinsen


Here are the winners from the 2018 NCC-COGA Chili Cook-off


1st – #95 Smart Chemical

2nd – #56 LRP One Trucking

3rd – #91 Thru Tubing Solutions


1st – #70 Halliburton #1

2nd – #44 Pioneer

3rd – #92 American Fence Co.

People’s Choice:

1st –  WB Supply

2nd – Liberty

3rd – Saucedo Oilfield Services

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