Event Results

Here are the results from the 2019 Chili Cook-Off:


1st place – Jomax

2nd place – Noble #1

3rd place – Truck City


1st place – Front Range Septic

2nd place – Basic

3rd place – DJ Basin Safety Council

People’s Choice: 

1st place – Expedition

2nd place – WB Supply – Evans

3rd place – Liberty

Here are the results of our 2018 NCC COGA Sporting Clays event:

2018 COGA Sporting Clay Results

AM Flight                                                                            PM Flight

1st Place Team                                                            1st Place Team

Saucedo Oilfield Service                                         Saucedo Oilfield Service

Wayne Mathisen                                                              Wayne Mathisen

Willy Hill                                                                               Willy Hill

Dan Callahan                                                                      Dan Callahan

Matt Yocumb                                                                     Matt Yocumb

333 Targets Hit                                                                  348 Targets Hit

2nd Place Team                                                        2nd Place Team

Kenny Electric                                                           Multi-Chem

Steve Eichinger                                                                 Leif Hofer

Eric Fountain                                                                      Jim Lechman

Keith Lemmon                                                                   Jared Mauck

Greg Eichinger                                                                   Darrell Gentry

300 Targets Hit                                                                  326 Targets Hit

Men’s                                                                                Men’s

1st Place – Dan Callahan – 97                                       1st Place – Dan Callahan – 97

2nd Place – Kurt Schiller – 89                                        2nd Place – Matt Yocumb – 90


Women’s                                                                           Women’s

1st Place – Linda Gibson – 67                                       1st Place – Rhonda Nordell – 30

2nd Place – Lauren McGurthy – 47                             2nd Place – Jamie Kempema – 29

Here are the winners from the 2018 Bad Plaid Golf Tournament:

Friday Morning

1st place – Devon Beitzel, Aaron Eide, Andy Slaughter, Jeremy Ehardt

2nd place – Randy Farmer, Cory Altenburg, Jack Russel, Steve Vigil

Pin Prizes – Brian Eikenberg, Chris Pulley, Rindee MacDonald, Jeremy Ehardt

Friday Afternoon

1st place – Matt Chalfant, Rick Peak, Shane Hall, Mike Young

2nd place – Matt Gonzales, Jeff Reck, Kin Simpson, Tim Read

Pin Prizes – Mike Moberg, Hilary Moore, Roman Davis, Nick Newsom

Saturday Morning

1st place – Rich Lietz, Jake Olivas, Shad Martin, Brian Elsie

2nd place – Ryan Lampe, Ben Conchman, Lee Martinez, JB Russel

Pin Prizes – Damon Getch, Naomi Tooley, Josh Lietz, Todd Andre

Saturday Afternoon

1st place – Seth Miller, Nick Newsom, Rodney Long, Jeremy

2nd place – Mario Torres, Bob Pitts, Justin Meinke, Kim Purdy

Pin Prizes – Ronnie Dearman, Steve Greene, Clint Lippoldt, Bobby Crhistinsen

Here are the winners from the 2018 NCC-COGA Chili Cook-off


1st – #95 Smart Chemical

2nd – #56 LRP One Trucking

3rd – #91 Thru Tubing Solutions


1st – #70 Halliburton #1

2nd – #44 Pioneer

3rd – #92 American Fence Co.

People’s Choice:

1st –  WB Supply

2nd – Liberty

3rd – Saucedo Oilfield Services

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