About Us

Mission Statement:

COGA’s mission is to “foster and promote the beneficial, efficient, responsible and environmentally-sound development, production and use of Colorado oil and gas. ”

Contact info:

President:  Brett McFarland  BLMcFarland4@gmail.com

Vice President:   Trevor Manley  Trevor.Manley@manleype.com

Treasurer:  Doug Dennison  ddennison@hpres.com

Secretary:  Laura Doughty  ldoughty@hpres.com

Web page coordinator:  Elaine Winick  Ewinick@extractionog.com

Event Coordinator: Laura Doughty ldoughty@hpres.com

Donation/Sponsorship requests:  Please mail any requests for sponsorships or donations to NCC-COGA PO Box 200328  Evans, CO 80620.

NCC-COGA steering committee meets monthly on the second Tuesday of the month.

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